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TELL ME Project

TELL ME is a project to develop and improve learning and training in smaller manufacturing environments with the use of technologies.

The aim is to bring innovative training methods to SME manufacturers so they can better supply the needs of their markets, which include larger industries.

TELL ME is a three-year project that started in November 2012. It is a significant €8.3m R&D project, funded by the Consortium Partners and a €5.9m research grant from the European Commission under its FP7 Framework Programme.

The project has started with an evaluation by researchers of the current state of the art: how are skills being taught and learned in small and medium manufacturing environments? The draft TELL ME report on current methodologies was issued in April 2013 and you can read it here.

Currently the team is framing its recommendations for future methodologies and laying the foundations for new platforms and workplace models.

The project will be completed late 2015 by a consortium in eight countries. It is supported with €5.9m funding from the European Commission.

Early Impact. Changes that affect the larger economy happen first in Knowledge-Based Industries, especially in manufacturin

TELL ME Vision

Learning at the Workplace

TELL-ME aims to develop and trial an innovative cross-enterprise methodology and IT platforms for continuous education and training in small and medium manufacturing environments, in ways that can address more business needs than traditional training.

This responds to the EU 2020 strategy as indicated in flagship initiatives such as “An Agenda for new skills and jobs", "An industrial policy for the globalisation era", “Innovation Union” and “Digital Agenda for Europe” and summarised in the two questions below:

  • How can SMEs blue-collar workers in less advanced industrial sectors match the pace of innovation of more technologically advanced ones?
  • How can TEL-based training be positioned and improved, in order to have more impact on innovation and resilience of different industrial sectors?

Five main challenges have been identified as fingerprints of this project.

Human-centred manufacturing and the growing need to consider human factors and wellbeing of the workforce in the production processes;

Service-oriented manufacturing and its growing need to create, develop and manage globalised business ecosystems;

Learning ecosystems as the new frontier of collaborative value networks on a global and cross-sector market;

Living Labs of SMEs and their need to constantly develop business-technical-social-market innovation through collaborative working and inspirational environments;

Learning at the Workplace and its need for fast, punctual and personalised life-long learning that takes account of fluency-driven approaches to training, and trends in using TEL and OER for self-regulated learning.


Bring innovative learning methods to manufacturer

TELL ME is a European-funded research project to improve training in small and medium-sized manufacturing environments by using the latest technologies and insights. The aim is to bring innovative learning methods to manufacturers so they can better supply the needs of their markets, which include larger industries. 

The TELL ME consortium, which encompasses industry, universities, research labs, technology firms and innovation companies from all over Europe, concludes its work in 2015.

To encourage the best outcome for this project, we will publish regular reports, discussions and relevant research material on our Forum, where all interested parties and organisations are welcome to contribute.


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